I watched a video a friend tagged me in on Facebook. The video had a young man doing poetry and he was good. He recited a piece regarding how the system has reprogrammed our way of thinking. One thing he pointed out was how we as black people get angry when a police officer or someone  white shoots and kills a brother. And he compared that to our people having a no-snitch rule in our communities while all the black-on-black killings are an everyday occurrence. What’s up with that?

Being a retired police officer, once assigned as a detective to investigate violent crimes, I can say what the young man said is true. I have investigated homicides and I talked to people I know saw what happened but didn’t say anything.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the fear of retaliation is real. But how long will we be held in bondage like a slave was held on a plantation and couldn’t say anything about the abuse and killings they suffered? How long will we live in fear the way your ancestors did because they didn’t know if tonight would be the night they came and took them away, never to be seen again? How long will we watch as our daughters AND sons are being raped by their mamma’s boyfriend? How long will we allow ourselves to be beaten into submission by our own selfishness and greed.

When we remain silent we are participating in the crime. We may as well pull the trigger ourselves. You know you’ve been bound up in your mind so set yourself free from this slavery called silence! Speak up! Speak out! You deserve to live in a safe neighborhood!

Leviticus 5:1 (msg) If you sin by not stepping up and offering yourself as a witness to something you’ve heard or seen in cases of wrongdoing, you’ll be held responsible.



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