VitViPortraitThis article is about me, a black man who used to be a racist. That’s right. I used to be a racist. I’m writing this for several reasons. The main reason is to give my Lord and Savior, Jesus the glory for delivering me from this disease of hatred and pride, which by the way is sin. I marvel at how many people who claim to be a Christian are infected with hatred and racism in 2014. I’m also writing this, hoping somebody will see themselves the way The Lord sees them and ask Him for help in getting rid of this disease called hatred.

Another reason is to point out that the one targeted by hatred can soon be infected with the disease of hatred and made to believe that they’re justified to return hate. Then last, but not least, to bring back into focus of my young brothers and sisters the struggle was real then and it’s real now!

Jesus said; “love your neighbor as yourself.” –  Mark 12:31.

If you are living a thousand miles from me, you are still my neighbor!

My article goes way back (well not way, way back) to when I was a little boy, starting to recognize that we as a people were treated like we were diseased and in some instances like animals. Then it will take you through my thoughts, some actions and ultimately what God did to deliver me from the sickness of hatred.

It is my prayer that you will come back and read my account of being a racist.

Next: Pt 1 – A Marked and Remarkable Childhood


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