I’ve heard many times and matured in grace enough to know that experience is the best teacher.

I was talking to some co-workers today when the topic about being ready to go out and bring others to Christ came up. A lot of people (churches) seem to be doing more “in-reach” than outreach. We talked about how it seems the word revival has been replaced with the word conference. Lord knows we all are in need of a revival.

While we were talking, I thought about the woman at the well. I asked myself had she been totally delivered from all sin and temptation before she went back to Samaria and witnessed to the people in that town? Immediately after her encounter with Jesus, she went back and told everyone about a man who told her about everything she had ever did. Did she have to attend classes and conferences? Did she have to have specialized training just to go tell how Jesus touched her heart and gave a new sense of purpose?

All she needed was a conversation with Jesus and then believe in Him as the Messiah. She was so excited that she went back home and brought many who later believed in Jesus too.

Then I thought about how many opportunities I’ve missed to tell other people about a man who knew me when the foundations of this earth were formed. How many times have I let a chance to tell a hurting soul about Jesus because I felt I wasn’t all the way ready, all the way righteous or all the way Christian? Or because I didn’t pray just right, walk just right or quote scriptures just right?

Now I know all the seminaries, books, conferences, classes, meetings and vain ideologies are no match to a personal encounter and relationship with Jesus. We can’t afford to wait until we’re ready because people are in need of hope. My story and your story combined together can get many more people to look Jesus’ way. Your strength in the Lord and my strength in the Lord will give us enough courage to lift Jesus up so He can draw everyone unto Himself.

John 4:39 – Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, “He told me everything I ever did.”

The bible says it was this one line that the woman used to get people looking toward Jesus so they can be saved. She spoke from a personal experience with Jesus.


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