portrait-of-a-young-african-american-couple-lying-on-the-bed-andSex before marriage can lead to a lot of emotions if marriage never takes place. Aside from diseases, this is another reason why God wants us to be husband and wife.

1 Corinthians 6:18 says fornication (sex before marriage) is a sin against our own bodies. I wish I had known this when I was a teenager. Here is an example of how sex before marriage usually winds up.

I fondly call sex before marriage and shacking a test drive. When you are thinking about buying a car, you want to test it out first. Some dealers will let you keep a car for up to a month and if you like it, you sign a contract and take it home with you. But if you don’t like it, you return it and start a test drive on another model. You keep test driving until you find the car you like. Usually when you test drive a car, you put it to the limits to see if it can take your style of driving.

You see someone you like. You all talk and a relationship develops. If it leads to sex, the test drive begins. But rarely an agreement or contact (marriage) is reached.

There’s a lot of testing going on to make up one’s mind on whether to keep you or not. If the one considering a lasting relationship with you decides he/she wants a better model, you will be returned for a newer and faster model. And you will be placed in the certified used section. Get the picture?

If the person you’re in a relationship with isn’t who you would spend the rest of your life, why are you with them? And if they are why haven’t you married yet? The common excuse is we’re getting our finances together first. Or he/she has to finish school first.

Be honest with yourself. He/she doesn’t want a commitment! Because if they did it wouldn’t matter if you were living in a cardboard box, REAL LOVE would replace what you don’t have and allow you to grow and obtain whatever you’re waiting on together.



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