DSC_0017A few years ago, Nike™ had a catch phrase “Just Do It” in their advertisement campaign. The ad was planting a suggestion in the minds of consumers to go out and buy their products. It seems it was a successful campaign as Nike™ became one of the most prominent athletic product manufacturers in the world.

Jesus, His mother and disciples were at a wedding in Galilee. Weddings back then were very festive, much like today and to run out of wine during the celebration was considered disastrous. Mary, Jesus’ mother told Jesus the wine was gone. Jesus’ mother then told the servants; “Do whatever He tells you” – Matthew 2:1-12. The servants filled the water pots with water as Jesus told them to do and right after there was more wine for the festivities. In fact the host of the ceremony proclaimed the wine Jesus made from water was better than the wine everyone drank in the beginning.

This should serve as a lesson to us. Whatever Jesus tells us to do, just do it. He told the servants to fill the water pots to the brim with water and He turned the water into wine. This was a command given to the servants, they obeyed and because of their obedience, everyone at the ceremony was blessed. Jesus is telling each of us what to do in certain areas of our lives. He is telling us what to do with painful past experiences. He is telling us how to handle difficult people and difficult situations. He is telling us to repent from our sins so we can be saved. He is telling all those who are burdened and weary to come to Him for rest.

Remember what Mary told the servants and let it ring in your ears everyday. Do whatever He tells you so you will have life and have it more abundantly.

John 14:15 should point out that nothing is more sad than to see someone claiming they love the Lord while making conscious decisions to intentionally live the opposite of how Jesus tells us to live.

Lord I pray we get in a habit of remembering what we read about you and applying what you tell us to do through your Holy Word and Holy Spirit. I pray we remember why you were born and take your whole life and learn from the many blessed acts you performed in your ministry. In Jesus name – Amen


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