Sitting here thinking about the racial strife stirred by LA Clippers owner ‪Donald‬ ‪Sterling‬. I’m glad Silver reacted the way he did and sent a message to the other owners who might be saying the same things or worse, but haven’t been caught yet. It’s sickening to think that ignorance seems to be the dominant force on all social levels.

Now. I’m amazed when I see the reaction of my people when a person of another race disrespects us with racial slurs. We march, we boycott, we picket, we sit in and sometimes resort to violence when someone of another race disrespect us. We come out in numbers show our disapproval, showing unity and tenacity. Then return to our communities and do the same thing to each other that other people are doing to us.

What’s wrong with this picture? We call each other ‪#‎niggers‬ (‪#‎niggaz‬, same thing) in conversation, movies and music. We call each other female dogs (gender doesn’t matter). We beat each other down. We shoot each other, kill each other, disrespect each other, steal from each other and oppress each other.

I’m using WE because I am affected by our oxymoron way of thinking and doing things. How can we get upset when someone does to us what we’re doing to ourselves. Respect begets respect, love begets love. So when we start respecting and loving each other we will receive the same from other races.

Yes we are being disrespected, but not by everybody. Yes we have disrespect coming from our own, but not from all of our own. So the few that aren’t engaging in oppressing language toward us and our own, we have to represent. The bible says love starts at home then spreads abroad. We have got to start loving each other to receive love from others.

If this made you mad. do something about it. I’m just saying.


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