HeavenlyLight2When Jesus came into this world, there wasn’t too much different back then than what we see today. Back then, there were people living in uncertainty. Today, there are people who don’t know how they will make ends meet and be able to pay their bills.

Back then, there were a lot of sick people who were suffering from diseases they had no cures for. Today we have diseases, and what seems like new diseases popping up every other month.

Back then, there was crime in the streets. Today there is crime everywhere. Parents worried about their children the same as you worry about yours today. Children played in the streets. Some were respectful and some were not. Sometimes food was scarce with the population growing. There were even parents who had children who were acting strange and nothing they did seemed to help.

Then Jesus came on the scene and what did He do? He presented a better way for everyone who listened and wanted what He offered, and was the Kingdom of Heaven. Where ever Jesus went, people were healed. Whenever He spoke, people were delivered out of hopeless situations. Don’t believe me?

Read about the man who’s son was suffering from seizures because he was possessed with demons. The man brought him to Jesus and Jesus spoke to those demons and they left the boy alone. (Matthew 17:14-20)

Read about the man who wandered around in a cemetery cutting himself because he was possessed with many demons. With just His words, Jesus delivered the man by telling what was tormenting him to leave and go into some pigs. Afterwards, the man sat at Jesus’ feet in complete peace and his sanity was restored. (Luke 8:26-29)

Not only did Jesus heal and deliver people, He raised people from the dead and where ever He went He made sure the people who followed Him were taken care of. He fed 5000 people with just two fish and five loaves of bread. Jesus saw to the need of the people like a good servant should. And there will never be a servant like Jesus!

And another good thing about Him is He doesn’t have favorites, He doesn’t have special people. He treats everybody the same. So I am a witness that He is waiting for you to ask Him for help with whatever you bring to Him. Bring Him your children, your problems, your tears, your uncertainties, your doubts, your hangups, your addictions because there isn’t anything too hard for Him that He won’t handle.

I was a poor excuse for a man, a liar, a cheat, a drunkard and I was irresponsible. But Jesus, like He did back then, spoke words to me and touched my heart and I haven’t been the same since. I am a new man and I haven’t looked back since He saved my soul in 2004!

There are children who are being held back by demons much like the child and the man had when Jesus delivered them. Haven’t you’ve been dealing with this problem on your own too long? Accept Jesus into your heart, repent from your sins and allow Him to start doing miracles in your life and your community.

Jesus has brought a group of people together like He did when He called His first disciples. They obeyed His commands and went into the world and lifted the name of Jesus. In doing so, He provided services to help people with what they could see, while He helped people with what they couldn’t see and that’s the soul.

I’m telling you from experience, My Lord Jesus Christ won’t let you down. It’s not my promise, but it is His promise to anyone who wants to give Him a chance.


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