Psalms 37:37 – Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.

A couple days ago, my mother in law was stricken with a brain aneurism and had to be rushed to the hospital. She was 80+ miles away from home and she had to be taken to a hospital in Atlanta Georgia. We received the call and everyone rushed to her side, some driving almost two hours to get there.

By the time we got there, they had already inserted a tube through her skull to drain the blood away from her brain. I went in her room to see her. When I called her name, she responded, smiled and gave me an assuring and firm handshake. Suddenly I felt she would be alright.

The next day she had to have a procedure done. I’m not a doctor (obviously) but the procedure was needed before making a decision to do surgery. Later that evening I received a phone call from my wife. Ree Ree said hold on. The next voice I heard was my mother in law. I tell you to hear her voice fired me up and I praised The Lord for what He done in my mother in law’s favor.

Now my mind started wandering and seeking something from God because I know everything He does is for a reason. I believe when He allows us to witness a miracle He performs and at times catastrophes, it is for our learning. This is the thought I got:

My mother in law is 81 years old. She has seven children and a bunch of grand and great grandchildren. Some are saved and some aren’t. I was told she prayed for everyone, and worshiped The Lord before she went under for the procedure.

God has placed a reminder, a miracle, and a call to all who witnessed His might act of healing. He didn’t do this just because He was bored. He did it because my mother in law is a praying a devout woman who loves The Lord. The prayers of the righteous avails much, it produces results. She could’ve prayed for herself, but she chose to pray for children.

He also did this miracle to get the attention of everyone who saw and will hear about it. God will show us His love by doing something such as this because He doesn’t want any of us to perish, He wants us to come to repentance.

What a mighty act I’ve witnessed. And I will tell this every chance I get.


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