But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t Be Afraid”
Matthew 14:27

Storm and thunder on the seaJesus had just sent His disciples to the other side of the Lake while He went to pray. Then Jesus went out to meet them. They hadn’t made it to the other side yet because of high winds which apparently kept them from making it to shore. Jesus didn’t take a boat to get to them, “He walked out” to them. The rest of this account of this miracle was Peter asking to leave the boat and walk across the water to meet Jesus.

This encourages me at a time when I am in need of encouraging. Just a few minutes ago, I prayed and asked the Lord to speak to me regarding several situations I have to deal with. And to top it all off, I was feeling I’m not as close to The Lord as I used to be. When I asked Him to speak to me, I got silent and listened and I remembered something I heard a few days ago, in a lecture; “He speaks to us through other people and His word, the bible.” I looked in my concordance under encouragement and this verse is what I found.

The disciples were in an uncomfortable situation. I’m not a sailor, in fact I don’t own a boat. But I have been on a boat in Lake Michigan when I was a teenager. When the tour boat got a few miles offshore so we could see Chicago’s skyline, I noticed how the waves seemed bigger. Then I wondered what it would be like to row all the way back to shore against the waves. I can imagine how the disciples felt as the waves probably were pushing them away from where they needed to be.

Then Jesus shows up with encouraging words; Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” These words were so encouraging that Peter, for a moment was no longer afraid of what was taking place. He wanted to show that the storm they were in was no longer a problem because Jesus was on the scene. We may not ever go through a storm with wind, rain and so forth. But there are a bunch of spiritual storms we must face. I know I’m in a few of them now.

We have such a friend in Jesus that when we’re in those storms, He will show up in a miraculous way. We won’t be able to mistake Him for an earthly friend or some hokuspokus method introduced through horoscopes, tarot card and palm readers. There won’t be a doubt that it is Jesus! Take courage! Those waves that seem to keep push us away from our goal will have to behave when Jesus shows up! We will also find out we don’t have to fear the storm because when He comes, the storm has to leave and He will make everything alright!


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