A few years ago, when I was young in my faith and a new creature, I was talking to someone about accepting Jesus as their personal Savior. Suddenly the one I was witnessing to said; “You can’t judge me!” Soon afterwards I saw a billboard with an advertisement for a business. It also had, in big letters; “They Can’t Judge You” and underneath was a bible verse from, if I remember right, Matthew 7:1:

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

Sin is like a speeding truck.These two events disturbed me and I started asking myself how can I witness about the precious gift of Salvation offered through Jesus to someone without talking about the sin that is setting them back? It nearly shut me down but one day I was either praying or studying my bible and this question came to my heart:

If you see someone walking down the street and they are looking down at their phone, maybe reading a text message. They are about to walk across a street and they don’t see a fast moving vehicle approaching, and they are about to get ran over. You yell “Watch out for that car!” to warn them of the approaching danger. Are you judging them?

This situation is very similar to watching someone live a life of sin and reject God’s will. We’re watching people, our loved ones and strangers, living a life of intentional sin, and because we’re afraid to say anything because it might look like we’re judging them, they are about to get hit by a fast moving vehicle driven by Satan himself.

If the Lord allows me to do so, I will post one maybe two more times on You Can’t Judge Me. These posts will include what the bible says about judging, not what I think.

Dear Lord, I pray this and the following posts will help someone understand your word regarding judging. I pray that eyes will be opened and the people who have been stopped by the response; “You can’t judge me” will see what your word says about our role in spreading the Gospel and leading others from the clutches of Satan to your loving and life giving word and Salvation. – Amen.


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