Well Lord. I want to say thank you for seeing me through this day. You didn’t allow any disease to sicken my body, and I thank you for protecting others. I pray for those who are sick. I pray a divine healing will take place in this world so glory can be given to you, who so deserves it.

You protected me from car wrecks, violence, strife, discouragement, mental breakdown, hunger, poverty, fear, loss and all the other things the enemy Satan wanted to put on me. Thank you.

I’m praying for my brothers and sisters all over this world. The ones who call on your name, the ones who will call on your name and the ones who say they never will call on your name. Have mercy on all of us because we really don’t deserve the goodness you’ve given us.

I just want to say thank you. I am so glad I have chosen you to worship and let lead my life. I love you. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray.



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