Two by four lumberWell. Are you ready for part 3 of You Can’t Judge Me? First. Thank you for taking the time and reading about what I’ve learned in my relationship with the Lord Jesus. In part 1 I wrote an illustration using an example of seeing someone whose about to walk in front of a speeding vehicle and we warn them by calling out to them. Then I asked a question is that judging them.

In part 2, the verse found in  This verse fund in Matthew 7:1, used in the wrong context, is effective in stopping a loving and caring Christian because they are concerned about judging someone. Once verses 1-6 are fully understood, then we can go forward with witnessing to people who are caught up in the same sinful practices we used to be caught in!

Jesus is instructing those who follow Him, and yes He did say “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” But He isn’t saying we can’t help people see that their action is causing them to come short of the glory of God. If we genuinely believe in Jesus and genuinely love our neighbor the way we’re commanded to do (Matthew 22:36-40), then we must tell others about what they are doing that’s hurting them. Doing this, coupled with the person believing, and showing the love of Christ might lead them to Jesus (Matthew 18:15-21).

Matthew 7:1-6 shows that if Matthew 7:1 were read in context then one would error to overlook the verses that follows it. To sum it up. Jesus is saying before we go telling someone else about a sin they’re committing, we need to make sure we aren’t doing the same thing. How can I rightfully go tell someone they’re wrong for committing adultery and I’m doing the same thing? How can I tell someone about abusing their children when I’m abusing my own. Before I go and try to help someone else out, I have to help myself.

Jesus used the speck vs plank analogy to get His point across. The speck, we know is small and a plank we know is large. Usually we will see a speck in someone’s eye before we can see a plank in our own. In other words;

Some of us will see a small sin in someone else before we see a big sin in our own lives. This is the type of judging Jesus doesn’t care for.

Think about this. If Christians don’t tell people about sin, how are they to know they are living beneath the promises and privileges of God? We must stand bold and cry out against sin (Isaiah 58:1) and warn the people from God as we watch over their souls (Ezekiel 33:1-7). But please, let’s make sure our life mirrors the life of Christ and you’re sure that sin you see in someone else isn’t the same sin you might be hiding.

Remember by the same measure you judge, you will be judged. So show compassion and above all, love, when you talk to someone about accepting Jesus as their savior. Because we all have to face judgment and we are going to want mercy, compassion, love and mercy to be factored in on our day of judgment.

My Lord I pray the hot topic of judging others is clearer to those who have read it. I also pray it has stirred someone remembrance. Lord I know Satan tries to twist your word around to suit his agenda of sin and I pray that all who believe will stand bold, watch and pray. In Jesus’ name. ~ Amen


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