myth and reality word cloudThis is a bit off topic from what I usually post on my blog. But I have grown really tired of seeing some of these underground site reporting lies. The most recent one was about Bill Cosby and Raven Simone. We’ve all heard or seen what has happened with Bill Cosby being accused of sexual assault that happened a few years ago. My prayers are for all parties involved and justice prevails.

The most recent lie was published by HipHop Hangover ( claiming Raven Simone reported she was molested also. I went to and found it was a hoax. I call it a lie. And at best damaging to a man who is already down.

Some of these sites have pay-per-click links on them. For example; I see a story that’s interesting to me because it is usually a spin-off of something already trending or hot. I go to that site and I see a link to something I might be thinking about buying because this site snoops my browser cookies. I click the link and make a purchase. The hosting site with the pay-per-click link now reaps the benefit of publishing falsehoods to get someone to come to their site and click a link to buy something.

I just wanted to spread this along because when it comes to making money, some people don’t care how they get it. Even at the expense of people who are already suffering. So please. Don’t be so quick to spread these rumors and lies about people before you research what you’re reading. is a good place to start.

By the way. the link in this post isn’t a pay-per-click link. 🙂

May the Lord bless you continually.


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