Unleavened wheat cake.I dropped my great niece off at school this morning. I got out of bed late so I prayed while I was driving back home. I prayed for the church and the Lord put two verses on my heart:

A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. And little foxes that spoil the vine. While I drove, I was reminded how the church has let the world creep in and change the face and intent of what real church is supposed to be.

When I got home of course I looked these two verses up and they are in Galatians 5:9 and Song of Solomon 2:15. Leaven is yeast and for those who bake know it doesn’t take much yeast to change the properties of flour. It doesn’t take much sin to change the properties of the church.

Solomon gave us the verse regarding little foxes and this is the revelation from the Lord for today. We can’t be so hung up on maintaining titles, positions, appearance, singing, dancing, feasts, traditions and all the other big things to boost the church and not watch the little foxes (sin) gnaw away at the root (word) until the whole vine (church) is destroyed.

There is too much mixing of Christ’s system (church) with the world system (Satan) and there’s no focus being placed on things like gossip, lying, stealing, sexual immorality, hatred and so forth.





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