denialMany times our intentions are good. In the world, throughout my life, I’ve heard;  “You talk a good game.”

What that meant was people can say what they will do in a situation, but really don’t know what they would do in any given situation.

We are reminded in scripture to count the cost. (Luke 14:27-29) Jesus knew that His disciples were going to desert Him the hour His agony of crucifixion would start. He knew they would run, stay back, or like Peter, flat deny he ever knew Jesus.

We’re the same way. We start on something but abandon it when it starts to be what we perceive as, too much of a challenge.

There have been many who have started out with good intentions when it comes to living holy (separated from the world) lifestyles. But we get sidetracked and begin to backslide for reasons we feel are good reasons (Matthew 13:22).

If that has happened to you, remember that Jesus forgave Peter, after all his talk of sticking with it, and denying Jesus three times. Jesus forgave him. In fact Peter went on to be a great Apostle, established churches and died hanging upside down in the name of Jesus. Jesus will forgive you too. Simply repent.

MATTHEW 26:31-35; MARK 14:30,72; MATTHEW 13:18-23


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