On any given morning, I will pray and ask the Lord to use me to help someone through sharing His word and help them. Yesterday, as almost everyday, He answered the prayer. Why not? That’s what He wants us to do right? But yesterday was unique because I never expected to be able to see how He guided me into position to save a an infant from serious injury. God’s timing is something that is unmatched in this world by scientist and the greatest of project planners!

I had lunch at Chic Fila which is my usual spot to eat lunch in Macon Georgia. I received my food and looked for a place to sit because the place was crowded. I saw a booth which would’ve been ideal because I usually open my I-Pad and read while I’m eating. An employee rushed over to the booth and said she had to clean the water up a customer before me had spilled. I looked around and saw another seat and told her I would sit somewhere else, but that table needed cleaning also. So I decided to wait a few minutes until the booth was ready. There were other seats, but I simply waited, even though I had grown impatient.

I had finished my meal and was sitting there reading when a lady sat across from me. She had a small child and and an infant in one of those baby carrier things. She finally got situated as it was difficult for her to do because of the food and her two children. Just as she sat down and was about to eat, the baby carrier fell from her table and I caught it before it and the baby hit the floor. I am 59 years old and I haven’t moved that fast since I played sports in high school.

After about 20 minutes, the lady, who was obviously shaken, turned to me and said; “I don’t know if anyone has told you, but you have fast reflexes. Thank you for being an angel.”  At that moment, I realized what had happened and I got nervous at the thought of this infant child falling face first to the floor. Then I realized that God knew that baby carrier would slip from the table, so He had me to wait through my impatience so I could be in postilion to catch a falling child.

The lady and I talked briefly and when she thanked me again, I told her it was God’s timing and doing not mine.


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