Foggy streetI was making my usual school run this morning. It was real foggy outside and visibility was down to about 100 feet (I think). I got in the left lane because of a slow moving truck and had I stayed in that lane I would’ve missed my turn. I have been making this same turn for a couple of years and I thought how the fog changed the look of a path I’ve been traveling for a couple of years. I looked around and I didn’t see my reference points that let me know my turn was coming. I didn’t see the usual buildings and trees I usually see.

Then I was reminded how Satan will distort our path in our journey to eternity. He uses distortion of facts and judgment to trick us into making the wrong turn, stopping at the wrong spot or not being able to see those old familiar landmarks God has placed in our path as reminders. Those old landmarks are God’s words and our experiences. We either know we want to travel the road we’re on, or we need to exit before we get lost.

As I drove and thought about some more, the Holy Spirit reminded me of this verse:

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. – Psalm 119:105

The word of God is our guide and when we get lost or have missed a turn, if we trust in what’s written, we will soon be back on the right road. God’s word illuminates our path like fog lights do on our vehicles. The word of God clears our vision and rids us of the distortions of truth and facts Satan place in our path. Yes, Satan’s job is to trick us the way He tricked Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Keep in mind, he will distort the word, distort our memory of past experiences and make our path foggy so we can turn onto the wrong road, the road to hell. But God who’s will is for none of us to perish will light our way up if we let Him.


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