handsStudying God’s word, these thoughts came to mind. You’re more valuable than you think!

So you think you’re not good enough to tell people about Jesus?

God said the despised and rejected shepherds were good enough to announce Jesus’ birth. – Luke 2:16-18

God said a woman living an adulterers’ life was good enough to go into a town and bring hundreds to Jesus. – John 4

He delivered a demented man and told him to go and tell about what happened to him. – Luke 8:39

He used a man who denied Jesus three times to start the first movement of the church. – John 18

He used another man who actually persecuted and conspired to imprison thousands of people who believed Jesus was the risen Savior. – Acts 8-9

God uses the unlikely. He can use you too, no matter what you’ve done, if you submit to His will. These and many more people who SUBMITTED to Jesus, served Jesus.


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