The Last Days – The Ones Who Love Only Themselves

2 Timothy 3:2For men shall be lovers of their own selves….

Last-Days-SELFISHNESSI preached a message about the greatness of God last Sunday (April 24th) and at the end of the message I suddenly started weeping and pleading with people to repent and accept Jesus as their Savior and friend. This caught me by total surprise, this has never happened to me before. And I haven’t been the same since.

It seems my eyes have been opened to see better in the spirit. The Holy Spirit is revealing things and situations around me that I know have been there all the long, but now I see it in a much brighter light. There are even some things the spirit is reminding me of as well. Okay. To the reason I started writing these articles.

Looking at 2 Timothy 3:2 and looking at what I see almost on a daily basis, this is a prophecy that has come true. Well it probably was revealed long before I saw it.

My career has been in law enforcement since 1986. I served as a police officer/detective until 2005. The Lord saw fit to allow me to retire and become an investigator for the defense side of our justice system. During this time, I have witnessed a lot of things involving people who are in trouble. I’ve noticed that things have deteriorated since 1986. The moral connection of worldly people toward God and each other has been neglected and disconnected

Things have gotten more wicked and the selfishness of man has been amplified. I’ve seen people do things to other people and the offenders justification boiled down to self. I’ve seen people kill someone because they owed them (drug) money. I’ve seen people kill someone because they were spreading rumors and lies about the offender. I’ve seen parents get caught with drugs and convince their own child to come to my office, lie and say the drugs were theirs. Of course that young man or woman was turned around after being properly interviewed, thus their record was kept clean.

I’ve seen so many examples of what’s written in this verse starting with people will start loving themselves over anything and anybody else. Some of these people actually killed another to ensure their personal agenda was met.

People have started loving money, possessions and themselves, draining love that’s meant to be aimed at someone else. Love is like a ripple effect, once it hits a pool of people it spreads outward, catching everyone in it’s wake. Once love stops hitting the pool of people in this world, the waves become stagnant. Soon the pool becomes acidic from the lack of fresh love that’s needed to keep the pool stirred.

Yes. If this were the only sign that we are living in the last days of this earth it should be sufficient enough justify what’s been placed in God’s messengers thousands of years ago. If this were the only sign that Jesus is coming soon, we should be thoroughly convinced and making preparation to be with Him for eternity.

God looks at us with such love and compassion. He loves us, everyone, so much that He sent Jesus to be brutalized as a sacrifice to die in our place. Jesus went through what we were destined to go through and He did it out of love. For you and for me.

JOHN 3:16



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