This just in (through the Holy Spirit). I pray this will bless you:

“Don’t be afraid, I am with you.” (Jeremiah 42:11)

We who trust in the Lord seem to be having more problems than people who don’t trust and believe in Him. It seems our spouses have lost their minds, our children are more rebellious than ever, we have more bills and more month than money. Don’t worry about those who are doing evil (Psalm 37:1). They’re really not doing better than you because it’s all temporary anyway.

Your reward is much greater than this world can give you. Hold on. Keep believing and lifting up the name of Jesus where ever you go. Jesus never told you following him would be a cushy position. He told you that you would have to take up your cross – be willing to do whatever it takes to bring His presence to the lost. But he did promise whatever we lose He would replace it a hundredfold in this life and the life after but there will be a price and that’s doing what He did…SACRIFICE SELF (Mark 10:29-31).



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