the Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love. – Psalm 147:11

So what you’re saying is if I fear God, He will be delighted with me, you ask? That’s exactly what this verse is saying. Fear. In today’s “be brave, I ain’t scared, fear no one”, self-elevating and gratifying world, fear is a perceived flaw or hindrance. In today’s world to show fear is a weakness and only the strong survive. So why would anyone admit, much less show they have a fear for something?

First the word fear in this verse doesn’t mean fear in the sense we’ve been taught throughout our lives. The word “fear” here means to have honor and respect for the one who created the ground you’re standing on, the air you breath, the flower you smell, and yes, even the device you’re reading this blog post on.

Throughout Psalm 147 you will read the many awesome and powerful things about God’s personality and accomplishments, and He’s the same today as He was yesterday (Hebrews 13:8). For instance; Healing broken hearts (verse 3). There are some hurts that only God can heal. In verse 6, He supports the humble. These are the people the world tend to beat up on because their humility is perceived as a flaw, a weakness. He produces clouds, rain, waters grass, feeds wild animals, etc.

So yes. I am testifying that it is a wise and beneficial thing to do when you fear God. But you’re not weak for fearing and respecting God. In fact, it takes courage to show your dependance on God because you’ve admitted your feebleness and realize you have a genuine need for Him (Matthew 5:3) I mean look at the benefit! “He delights Himself in the ones who fear Him”. Our God, the creator of the universe and everything in it is pleased just for us respecting, honoring and worshiping Him! In exchange He affords us to opportunity to experience His unfailing love.


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