Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. – Matthew 5:11

On occasions, I am isolated by people I know on my job, church and yes, even people in my family. I don’t participate in conversations or any other activities that would displease God. Before I repented and surrendered myself to God, I was a part of all those things. Eleven years ago, I made a decision to please God and walk away from sin. Many of the people I once knew have turned away from me. It’s not because I am overbearing with my faith, I think it’s because my faith in Jesus makes them uncomfortable. Jesus said that He causes variances between people who might otherwise be close and agreeable on everything (Matthew 10:35) because of His teachings vs the teachings of the world.

I’ve been insulted and lied on by people who I thought were close to my heart. Some of those people are in my own family. Some of those people I have helped feed and clothe. But I take it all in stride because I believe in everything I’ve read and heard about Jesus and His teachings. As long as the insults, lies and persecution comes because of my faith in God, then I know I will be blessed beyond measure.

I will continue to let His light shine and lift Him before everyone I come in contact with. Hopefully they’ll want to know more so I can share this His awesomeness with someone so they can be blessed too.

Lord. I pray for the strength for everyone who is persecuted, lied on, ridiculed, insulted and even physically attacked. I pray you equip us to endure the current and future persecution we must endure to glorify our Father in heaven – Amen.


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